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Episode 2: Leveraging User Behavior for Predictive Analytics

Hear from the Data Science team at our partners Clicktale, as they talk about how they are working with enterprise brands to develop ground breaking approaches to delivering better digital experience for consumers. We are talking data, insights, real-time, AI and predictive modeling – opportunities, real client examples and use cases.

AI is the new cool buzz word and is predicted to be a 100 billion dollar industry by 2025. The terms AI and Machine learning has also been the source of much confusion and misinformation. However, if you are going to make a strong effort to automate campaigns based off of the data your site generates as customers interact with it–AI can be your strongest tool for adapting live to onsite intent. 

Join BounceX and Clicktale as we clarify what AI and Machine Learning actually are, how can machine learning be used for analysis and prediction, and how marketers can make use of its data about users’ behaviors in order to predict intent and business KPIs.

In this live webCAST on THURSDAY, September 20th at 11:00Am EDT you will learn:

  • An Overarching view of how AI can power predictive analytics
  • The tactical power of deterministic data
  • All the ways to utilize your data science team to build intelligent campaigns around audience behavior

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