BounceX Unlocks the First Scalable Revenue Channel in 10 Years

BounceX adds 6‑10% of new top‑line revenue

Marketers are Responsible for Driving Growth

Outside of Google, Facebook and batch‑and‑blast email, there hasn’t been a new option for driving meaningful revenue in over a decade.

We’ve Created a New Revenue Channel

We are activating People-Based Marketing (PBM) as a new channel with definitive results you can measure in your own analytics.

“Within One Month,
BounceX’s PBM Cloud is Already a Top 3 Revenue Channel for Us.”

Jay Nigrelli,

VP of eCommerce

Our clients are global leaders

Meet our pbm cloud

ConsumerID Graph

Our proprietary technology identifies 40-70% of your anonymous visitors across all of their devices and sessions.

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Identification is the foundation of PBM

Behavioral Email

The combination of ConsumerID Graph and Behavioral Email activates 6‑10% of new top‑line revenue.

Behavioral CMS

Mirror a real-world buying experience online. Identify each user’s purchase intent and provide continuity across all browsers, devices and sessions.

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Behavioral Web Push

Access the highest opt-in, open and conversion rates of all existing channels, Behavioral Web Push is the new break‑through channel you’ve been waiting for.

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Publisher Solutions

Foster a direct relationship with your visitors and monetize their time on site with high-impact ads that don’t interrupt their user experience.

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Agency and Brand Solutions

Invest in premium placements with unprecedented performance. Our units are behaviorally triggered with full viewability to maximize your RoAS.

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activate 6‑10% of
new revenue

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