Today’s consumer expects more than yesterday’s tech. Use BounceX to accurately recognize and market to the actual person behind every visit in real-time.


95% of your traffic is anonymous

and if you don't know who someone is, you can't market to them.


Scaling triggered email and personalization increases conversion and drives incremental sales, with definitive results you can measure in your own analytics.

"Within One Month,
BounceX’s PBM Cloud is Already a Top 3 Revenue Channel for Us."

Jay Nigrelli,

VP of eCommerce

Our clients are global leaders

  • Hugo Boss
  • CDW
  • Uniqlo
  • DXL
  • Forever21
  • Samsonite
  • JetBlue
  • The Honest Co.
  • Quiksilver
  • Clarks

Meet our pbm cloud

We Know Your Users

Our proprietary tech identifies 40-70% of your anonymous visitors across all of their devices and sessions. And once we know who people are…

We Know Your Users

Identification is the key to performance

We Personalize Your Visits
We Personalize Your Visits

Know your customers from your prospects and treat them accordingly, regardless of whether they are shopping in-store or online. All without requiring a log-in.

We Drive Conversions and Opt-Ins
We Drive Conversions and Opt-Ins

Use real-time intent indicators to automate experiences that get your high-intent users to buy; and if it looks like they wont, we’ll capture their email so you can nurture them.

We Send Triggered Email at Scale
We Send Triggered Email at Scale

Since you know who more people are and have a bigger list, you can send behavioral marketing messaging to more people and connect the buying journey across sessions and devices.

Publishers Solutions

Foster a direct relationship with your visitors and monetize their time on site with high-impact ads that don’t interrupt their user experience.

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Agencies & Advertisers Solutions

Invest in premium ad placements with unprecedented performance. Our units are behaviorally triggered with full viewability to maximize your RoAS.

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Activate 6-10% More Revenue

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