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Episode 1: Converting Data Into Insights

Hear from the Data Science team at our partners Clicktale, as they talk about how they are working with enterprise brands to develop ground breaking approaches to delivering better digital experience for consumers. We are talking data, insights, real-time, AI and predictive modelling – opportunities, real client examples and use cases.

The digital world is going through a data revolution. Data is becoming the “new oil”, and if leveraged well can be the single most valuable asset for companies that creates digital products and services. Data Science is a new field that encompass all the different aspects of this data-centric view and aim at refining the “modern oil” and convert data into value.

Join BounceX and Clicktale as we discuss this new data revolution and dive into an overreaching view on the new and exciting field of Data Science. 

In this Recorded webCAST  you will learn:

  • An Overarching view of the exciting new field of Data Science
  • Data Science approaches for extracting insights and understanding by analyzing large amounts of data.  
  • Specific use cases for the analysis and quantification of users’ behaviors in digital channels.

Watch the whole webcast:

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