BounceX recognizes visitors by device and matches them back to an email address in real-time. This powers a suite of products designed to increase the relevance of your message to consumers across channels.

Engage your shoppers based on behavior.

Solutions to scale relevant, consistent triggered messaging throughout the buyer journey.


Recognize website visitors in real-time, even in the most challenging environments.

BounceX Identity helps online business recognize and understand their visitors through improved device identification. Where traditional technology fails, BounceX Identity persists to bring you a unified view of your audience allowing you to form real connections with your known visitors.

Unprecedented persistence – Bring an in-app experience to desktop and mobile web.
Designed for accuracy – Optimized for the times where you have to get a visitor right.
Powered by 1st-party data – Benefit from our unique database of 500 million devices and 100 million anonymized emails observed per month on our US network.

Triggered Email

Proven to be the top performing abandonment email solution on the market.

Paired with Identity, you can recognize more website visitors on your list – whether you captured their email in-store or online, last week or last year – to reach abandoning visitors with the right message to get them back.

Scale the reach of email remarketing – Better identification means you can target nearly 8x more visitors with high performing abandonment emails.
Achieve full-funnel targeting – Category, product, and cart abandonment modules ensure the most relevant messaging based on customer behavior.
Re-engage abandoners even months later – Product feed integrations drive relevance as much as 6 months later with price drop, low stock, and back-in-stock notifications.

Website Personalization

Provide continuity across sessions and devices to impact every KPI.

Our website personalization solution analyzes both high-intent and low-intent behaviors in real-time to automate dynamic on-site messaging. This drives same-session conversions from users who are ready to buy, and capture more emails from users who aren’t.

Truly real-time – Once the page load ends, we begin. Instantly adapt your website as visitor intent changes within a pageview.
Pick up where you left off – Message continuity between sessions, devices, and channel reduces friction and maximizes revenue per user.
Diversify tactics to collect more emails – Use the right message at the right time to collect 3x more emails, fueling your email marketing program and boosting your identification rate.

End-to-End Full Service

A dedicated team drives strategy and handles execution to guarantee performance from day one.

We recognize that even the most powerful technology will be limited by the resources you can devote to it. That’s why BounceX includes the world’s best customer success team of marketing strategists, designers, engineers, and analysts to manage and execute the day-to-day grind.

In collaboration with your internal marketing team, we’ll bring proven strategies tailored to your business that leverage our full suite of products to their maximum potential. So while we focus on hitting your growth goals, you can focus on everything else.

our solutions are made with you in mind

Publishers Solutions

Behavioral Email is the only triggered email platform with scale.

It uses the BounceX Consumer ID Graph (CIG) to reach an unprecedented number of users and leverages their onsite behaviors to provide the most relevant email messaging at the right time.

The result is a 6-10% increase in revenue from triggered email measured in your own analytics.

Behavioral Email allows you to communicate with an unprecedented number of your users, and extends the buying experience to the inbox.

Ads & Agencies Solutions

The BounceX Behavioral CMS enables you to mirror a real-world buying experience online.

The modern buyer shops on multiple devices and over several sessions per purchase. Behavioral CMS identifies each user’s purchase intent and position in the buyer journey to provide continuity across all of those devices and sessions.

Using automation, this product enables marketers to generate a larger send pool for triggered emails and maximize revenue per user.

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