Market Through Your Customers

Market Through Your Customers

Generate exponential wins with referrals

The world’s best brands are acquiring more advocates, and better customers through referral. By promoting referral programs at all customer touch points, brands are able to engage and convert new customers at rates 3-6x that of traditional marketing strategies.

And the coolest part? By integrating referrals into their the consumer experience, brands are able to market through their customers, instead of just to them. The trust that goes hand in hand with a personal referral results in referred customers that spend more, are more loyal, and are more likely to refer others themselves.

So, how can marketers get the most wins out of their referral program?

Join BounceX Director of Client Strategy Shane McWilliams and Claire Malik from Extole as they cover the following:

  1. Referral Marketing 101
  2. Optimizing the experience for both of your referral funnels
  3. Real life use-cases following sample customer journeys through a variety of referral cases
  4. Actionable conversion tips to gently drive traffic through your referral process

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