Maintain Cart Commitment

Maintain Cart Commitment

Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Checkout Flow

While most Ecommerce operations are throwing all their effort into the front-end of the funnel; one enormous chokepoint that may be betraying your efforts is the checkout cart itself. Getting a prospect to add an item to cart is just the first step in what is becoming an overwhelmingly nuanced process as Ecommerce strategists refine their checkout flow to perfection. Don’t get left behind in the world of highly-polished ecommerce checkout funnels. Join Conversion XL founder Peep Laja and Ryan Urban from Bounce Exchange as they trade tips and best practices for making a mirror-polished checkout flow.

This conversation will give you insight into:

  1. The balance between options and focus in your cart
  2. How to encourage your prospects to the pay page without being annoying
  3. Why retargeting is crucial in avoiding checkout abandonment

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