Eliminate Wasted PPC Spending

Eliminate Wasted PPC Spending

How to Find and Reallocate with Confidence

It takes a lot of ad spend to gain any sort of momentum. But why waste all that effort when you can find and focus on the parts of your PPC budget that are actually winning? Bounce Exchange and Hanapin Marketing are teaming up to show you how to seek out and destroy underperforming portions of your PPC budget, reallocate them to continually test new marketplace opportunities, and supercharge the rest of the funnels you're crafting. It’s the awesome one-two punch that’ll give your ROI just the shot it needs. Join Hanapin Hero Kayla Kurtz and Ryan Urban of Bounce Exchange as they show you how to refocus your whole PPC strategy with confidence and style.

Here’s what you'll take away from this presentation:

  1. Where to look to find specific adspends you can kill
  2. How to turn the optimization of your remaining PPC funnels up to 11
  3. What kind of checks you need to perform to determine if an ad funnel is truly worthy of elimination

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