Conversion Nightmares Episode 7

Conversion Nightmares Episode 7

Getting Testier Each Month

This time in Conversion Nightmares, we get a little more balanced. Once again, we live-critique a diverse range of sites brave enough to sign up for review. Our team of uncompromising conversion perfectionists grows ever larger and ever more balanced this month with the addition of the optimization champions over at Which Test Won. They'll team up with Bing Wu and Kris Mobayeni of Bounce Exchange to bring harsh truths and better, more actionable steps to higher conversions. We've got an incredible slew of brave contestants this month--so be sure to check this out.

In this recording you will experience:

  1. Live conversion critiques of real websites
  2. An awesome conversation between two of the top minds in the conversion space
  3. Tons of actionable tips you can apply to your site RIGHT NOW

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