Conversion Nightmares Episode 5

Conversion Nightmares Episode 5

The Internet's Most Punishing Hour of Actionable Entertainment

The power knob on conversion nightmares is getting turned all the way up to 11 this month as we add content expert Peter Starr Northrop to our panel of uncompromising conversion perfectionists. If you've witnessed the nightmare before--you're in for an even wilder hour of fun, conversion tips and punishment. Join us as we take apart our brave site volunteers and give you the tips you need to build the best possible conversion funnels.

Here are the top 4 things you'll learn from this webcast:

  1. An entertaining review of what NOT to do on your website
  2. Actionable conversion tactics to immediately improve conversions
  3. An understanding of the behavioral mindset of your visitor
  4. Solid tips for persuasive content

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