Watch Conversion Nightmares Episode 2

Watch Conversion Nightmares Episode 2

Watching someone else be verbally accosted is surprisingly entertaining.

Conversion Nightmares is back by popular demand (some people are gluttons for punishment). Witness Conversion Expert Ryan Urban give candid website cut-downs to a few brave warriors. He doesn’t mince words, and he’d rather hurt your feelings than watch you mutilate your conversions.

It’s not for the faint of heart. But if you're down for skipping the niceties and getting straight to the ugly gut of your page flaws, sign up to witness the “Nightmare” and get:

  1. An entertaining review of what NOT to do on your website
  2. Actionable conversion tactics to immediately improve conversions
  3. An understanding of the behavioral mindset of your visitor
  4. Tactics to influence persuasive conversion architecture

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