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You Already Know Who Your Best Customers Are

How to Reinvigorate your Customer LTV

As brands begin their holiday preparations in earnest, a lot of us will over-focus on acquiring new customers. For an ever-crowded holiday marketing scrum, this focus can actually do a lot more harm than good. Winning on Black Friday and beyond will hinge on how well you reactivate your existing customer base. Sticking with repeat purchasers and long time customers takes away an immense load of conversion friction from the holiday buying process. However, to properly reactivate your customers, you’ll need to take a multi-channel approach. Join BounceX and LYONSCG as we show you all the ways you already know who your best customers are

In this recorded webcast, you will learn:

  • The vital value of reducing conversion friction as much as possible during the holiday season
  • How to identify your best customers and suss out high-intent behaviour on your site.
  • A multi-channel approach to reactivating and retargeting your best customers


Watch the whole webcast:

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