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How Video Improves Holiday Performance

Developing and deploying short-form video to capture attention during the holidays

While brands frantically hunt for copy and optimization hacks to gain small advantages this holiday, smarter brands will be working at the margins to increase the relevance of their campaigns. One asset with outsized potential this year is video. Short-form video can be developed en-masse with the same tactics great brands use for UGC and SEO content–and it has applications all up-and-down the funnel during the holiday hurricane. Join BounceX and Olapic as we guide you through all the ways video can give you the edge you need while not breaking your resources this holiday season.



In this webcast you will learn:

  • A production model for short form video that actually works
  • Tactics for discerning Customer intent as granularly as possible.
  • Guidelines for building video into your customer journey

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