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The Long Road to the Long Sale

Ensuring campaigns maintain context,
no matter the funnel stage

As customers expectations for relevant and respectful experiences become more demanding—brands dealing in considered purchases have a much more complicated mandate to master. Marketers in high-end e commerce and travel verticals need to take a much closer look at on-site behavior and channel intent to help a dizzying variety of shoppers across the finish line–essentially having to adapt their site and messaging to an almost completely-individualised level. 

This webinar will explore what the future holds for travel and high-AOV e commerce brands alike, the technologies disrupting their industries, the changing landscape of online commerce and what considered purchase bands can do online to equip themselves for their uncertain future. Join BounceX and Content Square as we comprehensively guide you through the long road to the long sale. 

In this live webCAST on TUESDAY, 25th SEPTEMBER at 1:00Pm GMT // 9:00AM EST you will learn:

  • The emergence of a new breed of UX analytics and how they’re transforming the online experience
  • How to crush the conversion friction that builds between your site and the channels driving people to your site
  • What mobile commerce means for your online strategy
  • How artificial intelligence is helping accelerate speed to insight in the travel sector
  • How to influence your organisational culture to become data-driven

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