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The Customers Hidden in Your Data

Using disparate data sources to discern intent

While we’ve been talking a big game about building relevance in marketing–we have never discussed what powers relevant campaigns. There is so much data brimming on the fringes of your brand–and your customers are trying to tell you so much in their interactions with your site. You need to use solid insight to find the customers hidden in your data. Join BounceX and Custora as we guide you to a customer-centric look into your analytics.

In this live webCAST on THURSDAY, September 27th at 2:00Pm EDT you will learn:

  • How to better gain a holistic understanding of your customer analytics.
  • The organization you need to fully understand everything your customers are trying to tell you.
  • The different ways a customer-centric approach to data can supercharge your campaigns.

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