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Facebook as Your Holiday Hub

Acquire and reactivate prospects with truly relevant campaigns

While brands scramble to prepare for this years ever-more-competitive holiday scrum, you need to figure out a way to organize your promotions. So many brands hub their holiday strategy around email or some over-detailed dashboard in their CRM.  On top of that, as you manage your brands acquisition and reactivation efforts across the holidays, Facebook is probably your best bet as the channel you organize around. Join BounceX and MuteSix as we take you through all the complexities of optimizing your facebook strategy and using facebook tools to ensure strong targeting across all your marketing efforts

In this live webCAST on THURSDAY, AUGUST 16th at 2:00Pm EDT you will learn:

  • How to focus your facebook acquisition and retargeting strategies for the holidays
  • Strategies to build and segment your audiences in a way to ensure you’re relevant enough to stand out on black friday
  • How to use Facebook’s tools to organize your holiday strategy at large.

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