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Extending Your Reach with Chat Marketing

How a strong foundation in marketing
automation can inform chat campaigns

There’s a lot of talk around the freshly minted channel of chat marketing. Chatbots on messenger are subject to a lot of hype–but what actually works? It should come as no surprise that the same tactics that make your triggered email campaigns successful also help you lay the foundation of a strong chat marketing program. What will surprise you are all the nuances that make chat marketing all the more a value-add for your 2019 strategy. Join BounceX and Headliner Labs as we help you use strong marketing automation to extend your reach via chat marketing.

In this LIVE webcast on Thursday, November 13th at 2:00PM EST you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of what makes a strong chat-bot campaign
  • Which triggers work best for chat marketing
  • All the channels where strong chat marketers can find success

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