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The Dirty Little Statistic Behind Your Stagnant Business Growth

It’s nearly every eCommerce marketer’s ‘dirty little statistic. It’s the 92:1 ratio, or the fact that for every $92 a marketer spends driving traffic to their websites, they only spend $1 guiding that traffic to conversion once they get there. The consequence? You’re wasting a bunch of money and your business growth is stagnant, as a result. This guide has been designed to enlighten you on the reasons why it’s time to change that ratio and start spending more money toward the traffic currently engaging with your business.

This guide will teach you:

  1. What conversion friction is and how it’s affecting your business
  2. A few of the most common points of conversion friction for eCommerce businesses
  3. How to alleviate conversion friction and get more value from your traffic

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