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Your Customer-Centric Empire

Using context, reviews, referrals and more to keep your friends close and your customers closer

While we’re trying to keep our customers at the center of everything, we sometimes forget to use that maxim to help our customers become our best advocates. You can build a customer-centric marketing empire if you creatively combine UGC, reviews and referral marketing into one hub.

Join BounceX and Yotpo as we guide you through all the ways you can create your customer-centric empire.


In this live webCAST on WednesDAY, September 12th at 11:00Am EDT you will learn:

  • The best new strategies for customer-centric content
  • How to create network effects that compound the success of your UGC, review and referral efforts
  • How to ensure your campaigns maintain focus all the way down-funnel

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