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Black Friday Recap: Keep Your Customers Engaged Throughout the Holiday Season

Create stand-out visual experiences across email, web and display well into the new year

Once you’ve gotten a strong handle on your Black Friday successes, how do you keep that value going all the way into January and beyond? Brands do such an amazing job of acquiring prospects and activating customers during the holidays. As long as they utilize the right real-estate, they can make huge LTV gains during December. It all depends on how you leverage the intent you identify during the holiday rush via email and other visual experience campaigns. Join BounceX and Movable Ink as we take you through everything you need to refuel your customer value this winter.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • How to sift through all the different kinds of intent your brand generates during November and December
  • What made our favorite Cyber Week campaigns so successful
  • All the ways behavioral email and smart visual experiences can sustain your brand until well into January

Watch the webcast:

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