Platform Partners


Platform Partners



As described in our Privacy Policy BounceX operates a number of technology platforms which are designed to help brands, retailers and advertisers do a more effective job of engaging and advertising to current and prospective customers, including the visitors to their websites and mobile applications. The platforms rely upon other platforms run by third-party technology partners in order to operate efficiently. BounceX may transfer data collected through BounceX’s platform to: (i) Sub-processors, who may only use data as directed by BounceX and for no other purpose, and (ii) partners who control the data independently from BounceX but who have agreed to operate in accordance with applicable law and generally accepted industry standards. Here is a description of each:

  • BX Sub-Processors:
    • Cloud hosting providers – companies that provide computing infrastructure that runs the BounceX platform software
    • Engineering systems measurement tools – companies that measure the performance of the computing infrastructure that runs the BounceX platform software
    • Business intelligence tools – companies that allow employees of BounceX to analyze and measure data collected by the BounceX platform
    • Push notification sending services – companies that enable websites and mobile app publishers to send push notifications to their visitors
    • Email sending services – companies that enable websites and mobile app publishers to send email messages to their visitors
    • Text message sending services, who allow BounceX to send text messages to their visitors
    • Email deliverability measurement tools, who allow BounceX to understand how many of the emails sent through the platform are being delivered


  • Independent Controllers
    • Supply-side platforms – companies that enable website and mobile app publishers to offer advertising inventory to companies such as BounceX to purchase advertising on their sites.
    • Demand-side platforms – companies that enable advertisers to purchase advertising on websites and mobile apps. Some BounceX Clients ask BounceX to engage demand side platforms in order to buy advertising in the advertising units created by supply-side platforms.
    • Advertising content providers, who allow BounceX to display rich content such as videos and animation in our advertising product
    • Advertising servers – An ad server, in its simplest form, is the computer responsible for delivering an ad to be shown in a web page or a mobile app. Today, communications may be sent to several servers in the process of selecting and delivering an ad. This occurs in a matter of milliseconds (thousandths of a second). Ad servers allow BounceX to create and serve advertising creatives
    • Email verification services, who allow BounceX to ensure validity of emails collected by our platform