Get to Know BounceX President, Kim Sivillo

She spills the beans on her goals for the company and her favorite place to grab a drink in her favorite designer shoes.

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  • Published on November 04 2019
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A month ago, Kim Sivillo officially joined the BounceX team as our first-ever President. In her new role, Kim is overseeing BounceX’s customer success and operations teams as well as our international operations, including our EMEA headquarters in London. 

Kim was brought on, in major part, due to her incredible background—but you can read about that in the press release. Today, we wanted you to get to know Kim beyond her resume, so we sat down to get the scoop on her personal history, what excites her about BounceX, her new puppy, her shoe obsession, and, of course, where to get the best glass of wine in the Manhattan.

1. First, could you tell us a little bit more about you? Where you grew up, where you went to school, what you were doing before BounceX?

I was born in Maine, but I am absolutely a Boston girl at heart. I attended college there, but more than that, it’s where I “grew up” as an individual. I think one thing people usually find interesting is that even though I’m from Maine, I’ve actually never been skiing. I’ve also never done karaoke, and you won’t find me doing that any time soon. No matter how many SauvyBs (what I call sauvignon blanc) you give me, and even if I’m wearing my favorite Jimmy Choos.

Prior to BounceX, I spent my career developing extensive experience in client services and operations. Most recently, I oversaw significant client relationships and operations at the performance media agency iProspect and then consulted for c-suite executives on their organizational challenges and opportunities.  

Personally, I just bought a new house in New Jersey, got a new car and brought a new puppy home 4 months ago, so I’m really excited about the amazing new things in my life.

2. You have an amazing background; what prompted your interest in BounceX and ultimately led to you joining the team?

What attracted me to BounceX was the fact that we are focused on taking the company to the next level from the operations and customer success perspective. I also really believe in the product and service offering; I’ve been in this space for a long time, and I have never seen returns this impressive.

Most importantly, though, what attracted me to the company was the culture and the people. You can tell from the minute you walk in the door why BounceX has been named a Best Place to Work. The values were attractive to me, and of course, a lot of companies have values that they tout, but it’s clear that everyone at BounceX is genuine in actually living those values. That drive and that dedication to excellence are really critical to me.

3. What’s your unique philosophy on customer success?

To be a really strong customer success person, you have to extend yourself and become a part of the client’s team. You have to think well beyond what you do for the client on a day-to-day basis; you have to think about your client’s business holistically and determine how you’re helping them solve their overall business challenges and create opportunities. I love that BounceX is 100% client first. I always say to my clients that I’m here to be their advocate; I’m not here to defend the company, which many client service folks err on the side of. I genuinely believe—no, I know—that. What’s best for the client is ultimately what’s best for BounceX.

4. We’ve had a lot of recent new hires here at BounceX. What would you love for them, and all of our future employees, to know about you?

In my new role, I want to ensure that BounceX is a place where people feel they have a career, not just a job. In working across the exec team, the talent team and the rest of the company, I want to ensure that BounceX can be the most important part of our employees’ careers.

5. What should BounceX clients know about you?

I work very hard to understand our clients’ challenges as it relates to a constantly evolving digital landscape. Marketers are pressured every day to show growth. They have to show how every dollar they’re spending is returning. And I want to make sure that we’re helping these clients by not just delivering the value that we’ve promised, but by going above and beyond to exceed and extend their returns. Delivering white-glove, world class service is what I’m here to do.

To that end, I will be very involved in client business. I plan to spend a significant amount of time with our clients, helping drive their businesses well beyond their engagements with BounceX.

6. What are some specific growth opportunities that really excite you for BounceX in EMEA? Either long term or even within the first 6 months?

When companies have multiple global offices, regional teams can sometimes feel isolated from the headquarters. I’m excited to bridge any potential gaps and help ensure that our London team feels exactly like they are just here sitting on another floor at One World Trade.

Beyond that, I’m excited to help continue BounceX’s accelerated growth as a global organization. London specifically has such an amazing growth opportunity and a tremendous pipeline to tap into in the UK and across all of EMEA. So, my focus here will be to help the company create a global mindset while we roll out local initiatives in the UK/EMEA to take advantage of all of that opportunity.  

7. Lastly, we have heard it from a good source that you’re New York’s foremost expert on where to get a good glass of Sauvignon Blanc and designer shoes. Where’s your go-to spot, and who is your favorite designer?

Ok, so first—it’s called SauvyB. And for sure, there are many good options around New York City, including around the World Trade complex where we work. But I’d say my favorite place is curled up at home with my new puppy, Chance (he’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) in my pjs. If I’m in the City, I have a secret hole-in-the-wall spot that I head to whenever my train to New Jersey is delayed. I’ll have to keep it a secret for now, but just know it’s like Cheers in Boston; everybody knows my name, and they know my order. It’s a fun place to sit down for a glass when my commute is hectic. As for the shoes – I’m an equal opportunity purchaser of great shoes. I’m having an entire closet in my new house made just for my shoes. They are my one indulgence, and I make no apologies!


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